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Glob-Trans ITiS offers you not only transport within the EU, but also to the eastern countries, including:

  • Russia, Belarus, Ukraine
  • countries of the former Commonwealth of the Independent States, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Armenia and Azerbaijan, as well as the Near East, with the use of road transport and intermodal solutions.

With us you can be sure that your cargo is delivered smoothly and on time. ELS (Eastern Logistics Solution) service is destined for everyone who looks for an optimum, diverse and cheap logistics solution for their own and their eastern recipients. We provide comprehensive service in terms of part load and guarantee:

  • continued LTL transport availability
  • comprehensive FTL receipt along with customs and insurance procedures;
  • storage in the customs warehouse and warehouse services, including: packaging, repackaging, labelling, palletising.


What can you gain? When choosing Glob-Trans ITiS, you get above all:

  • guarantee of timely receipt and delivery,
  • foreseeable and predetermined delivery date,
  • professional advice on the means and mode of transport,
  • the lowest price in the market,
  • comprehensive services.