Paper in rolls is heavy and yet very delicate cargo. Facing this challenge, our company has developed special and dedicated solutions for paper manufacturers aimed at accelerating the processes of loading, unloading and transport of paper in rolls.
As part of international transport services, we offer our customers complex transport services. We provide them not only through traditional cargo transport by trucks of various designs and capacities, but also using marine, rail, bimodal or intermodal transport options.
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In terms of domestic transport in Poland, we provide comprehensive handling of FTLs using semi-trailers of various designs and capacities. The diversity of our transport resources and cooperation with domestic carriers allows us to transport any load and reach any location in Poland safely and on time, offering just-in-time services.
The basic mode of transport of steel products in Europe (e. g. steel in coils, sheet metal, wires) is road transport by semi-trailers of coilmulde type. Glob-Trans ITiS offers not only transport by coilmulde semi-trailers, but also transshipment and warehousing of this kind of cargo.
Due to its properties, paper is very sensitive to all external factors. Therefore, in addition to appropriate packaging, it requires storage in warehouses offering suitable conditions.
Glob-Trans ITiS provides comprehensive logistics services for fresh products requiring controlled temperatures ranging from 0 and +2 °C as well as +2 and +6 °C across the entire supply chain.
  1. We transport cargo of any size to the indicated destination – from single pallets to FTLs.
  2. The product groups handled by us include e. g. dairy, meats, ready-to-cook foods, fish products and fat products.

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